Fuel brick production in Lviv

Production of Pini-Key fuel bricks in Lviv


lIdeal for shredding damp material from 1500 kg/hour+

Pellets production –3

Vinnitskaya region, Ukraine

Pnin-key brick production 220 kg/hour, Lviv

Brick production, material – birch, productivity – 220 kg/hour 

Pellets production -2

Mini-granulators 150-200 kg/hour

Pellets production -1

Raw material: wood material, pomace

For a-Zapad. Our factory -2

Our production in Lviv, Ukraine

Hammermill and aero-dynamic dryer

Hammermill and aero-dynamic dryer for saw dust from Fora-Zapad company. Production in Lviv.

For a-Zapad. The process of production of our equipment – our factory

Our factory-1 in Lviv, Ukraine

Bricks (eurowood) production and pellet production

"For a-Zapad” TM.The ready project of production, video, description, prices for equipment, biofuel cost calculation