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08.08.2017 - Piny Key Production Line
The production line is located in the Kiev region - it is universal in that it can simultaneously work both on sawdust and on lumpy wood waste including roundwood up to 220mm.
The factory is fully automatic - feeding sawdust to the receiver-sifter through the crane beam.

Complete line:

1. Chipped
2. Bunker priymonnik chips 2.3 cube
3. Hammer crusher
4. Scraper conveyor with screen sifter and sawdust
5. Dry ice cap
6.Shine-hopper feeding dry sawdust into the granulator
7. Press extruder - 2pcs.
8. Weight

Video on the Cylinder:

03.02.2017 -  The new line in Zakarpattya (pellets from sawdust)

27.01.2017 - The new line in Ternopil (Ukraine).

07.2015-line production of fuel pellets from sawdust softwood. Location: c.Comb Lviv region, Ukraine. Composition of the line: crusher,drying unit, 2CR-600granulator, cooler-sifter. Customer -Italian company-a trader, buyer pelletsin Ukraine and Russia.

06.2015 - . Production of pellets from sawmill waste in Kirovogorade (Ukraine ) . Composition of the line : scheporez crusher , drying , granulation , cooler . Performance of 400-500 kg/hour .

02.2015 - . Production of pellets in Poltava, Ukraine (material - sawmill waste)

01.2015 - full cycle of production of fuel pellets and pellets of fodder in Bulgaria, photos here .

12.2014 - new plant for the production of fuel pellets from roundwood in Cherkasy region, Ukraine. Video . More videos about our work - .

11.2014 - production of fuel pellets from wood waste and scrap in Fastov, Kiev region, Ukraine.  . 600-650 kg/hr to a granulator 1 matrix 6 mm.

10.2014 - the work of our equipment in the Saratov region. 

10.2014 - a complete cycle for the production of fuel pellets class DIN plus in Tver. Photos

09.2014 - new plant for the production of fuel pellets (pellets) from coniferous sawdust, Cherkasy region, Ukraine. .

08.2014 - production of fuel pellets from waste wine (grape pomace) in the Odessa region. 

07.2014 - production of fuel pellets (pellets) from waste wood in Perm. Photos and video department of the equipment

06.2014 - new production of fuel pellets for eksporat in Germany set in the Volgograd region. Chipper + new hammer mill drying unit + + + granulator Kl600 sieve holaditel granules. Photo and video production here.

04.2014 - new production of fuel pellets in Tatishevsky district of Saratov region. The complete cycle of 500-600 kg/h "white" pellets from debarked timber: scheporez-chipper, hammer mill, dryer machine, granulator KL600, cooler-sifter. Installation and commissioning of the line "turnkey" took 2 days.  , the story in the news .

03.2014 - Set drying alcohol bards to the level of 12% (for animal feed). Video .

02.2014 - production of fuel pellets DIN + in Riga (Latvia). Phone contract for the sale of pellets and equipment in Latvia +371 2 0618864, company ATLAS AK. Photos from the production .

01.2014 - new line of production of fuel pellets from wood waste in Vesegorsk (Tver region). Photos .

11.2013 - production of fuel pellets 500 kg/h in Vyborg, Leningrad Oblast. Crushing machine and dryer installed on the street, granulator - indoors. and video .

07.2013 - a series of round wood to wood pellets in Transcarpathia. Photo and video here.

06.2013 - complete production cycle - Nestro fuel briquettes and pellet 6 mm - for the furniture industry in Kharkiv - photos here.

01.2013 - production of "turnkey" fuel pellets from wood waste in Mordovia. 

12.2012 - new production of fuel pellets made of sunflower husk in the Stavropol region. Ton/h. Photos here.

11.2012 – fuel pellet production from the woodwork waste in Riazan. .

10.2012 – full production cycle of pellets/fillers for " cat toilets” in Tver. All production is placed on the platform of 180 square meters. Find photos here.

09.2012 – fuel bricks manufacture in Uzbekistan. Find photos of products and process here.

08.2012 – fuel pellets full manufacturing cycle in Vladimirskaya region. All production in based on the platform of 130 square meters. Photos here.

08.2012 – the first Pini-Key brick production line is launched in Serbia on TO-MA Pallets plant, one of the biggest pellet manufacturer in Serbia. Manufacturing photos can be viewed here .

05.2012 – we have become the representatives of TORBEL S.A. company (Pornugal) on the territory of Russia. More details soon on our website – high-quality European solid fuel boilers from 100 kWt to 2 mWt.

05.2012 - производство 1,2 /hour- pellet manufacture from sunflower husk in Krasnodarsky region.

04.2012 – fully-automized line for manufacturing fuel pellets from sunflower husk 1/hour in Stavropol

04.2012 – our equipment on wood waste pelleting is successfully launched in Kazakstan.

03.2012 – LEASING FROM US – price riseonly5 (five) % a year!!!!!

03.2012 – trials of the new knife-hummer chopiing machine (30 kWt)are ended – effectivity on wood with the dampness of more than 30% - more than 1000 kg/hour, fraction is suitable for bricking or pelleting without ditional chopping. Chooping machines will be available in Moscow from April 2012, approximate price – 500 000 rubles.

03.2012 – "Fora-Zapad”  will be represented by "Avelon” company on the exhibition in Kemerovo 03.04-07.04. Product samples, videomaterials can be found on the "Avelon” company’s mount.

03.2012 – toilet fillers for cats and rodents of "Kiss-Piss” TM made on our equipment, photos here: photo 1 и photo 2

03.2012 – bricks and pellets production form sunflower husk is launched in Krasnodar.

02.2012 – a special system of drying grains – waste from ethylic alcohol – special offer for distillery plants. Grains drying is possible in our dryong machines ( taking into account the changes we manufacture our machines from stainless steel) for the late grains use in production of food additives and feed stuff, or full utilization of grains by drying and later pelleting on our mini-pelleters. First manufactures are already installed on the basis of distillery plant in Western Ukraine.

01.2012 – installation on launch of fuel bricks and pellets manufacture from woodwork waste, sunflower waste, buckwheat husk in Voronezh. We maintain dispatch of Pini-Key bricks and 6 mm pellets – self-collection from Voronezh. Contact our managers to find out about prices and conditions!

11.2011 – we present a new product on Russian market – hydraulic press for bricks of RUF type, WROPOL company production (Poland). So far there are two models available: BISON III Speedy 300 - productivity – 300 kg/hour, Bison III Speedy 500 – productivity 500 kg/hour. 12 months guarantee or 20 000 working hours. More detailed information on hydraulic press you may find on the corresponding section ("Hydraulic press”) of our website. The first press delivery to Moscow warehouse is expected at the beginning of January.

10.2011 - Fora-Zapad  took part in one of the biggest events in woodwork industry – Woodex-2011 exhibition.

10.2011 – the most popular models od solid fuel generators 50 and 100 kWt are availanle in the Moscow warehouse.

10.2011 – we have become exclusive representative of Ukrainian "BOVO” trademark – solid fuel water boilers manufacturer with more than 7 years experience. More detailed – on the websit

10.2011 – preparation to installation new production lines of solid bio- fuel in Kemerovo, Seleger, Voronezh. The equipment will be installed and launched till the end of the month.

09.2011 – the plant in Lvov has begun sereal production of "Dragon” heat generators on solid fuel (wood, wood dust, bricks, pellets). Such generator type of cheap heat is long and successfully used in th USA and Canada, air is the heat bearer, heating costs are 5-10 times lower that by the "usual” heating (gas, diesel fuel, electricity) To find out more about heat generators go to the section "Heat generators” or to our new (фора-тепло.рф, теплогенератор-на-дровах.рф)

09.2011 - Ulan-Ude city: 2 new production likes are out into operation (Pini-Key brick, raw materials: woodwork waste)

08.2011 – Kaliningrad city: production line launch (bricks and pellets, raw materials: woodwork waste)

08.2011 –Pyatigorsk city 500kg/hour brick production line has been out into operation. From 08.2011 we will publish our company’s news here