QUESTION:  Where is the equipment for bio fuel production produced?

ANSWER :   all our equipment except press-extruders and mini-granulators is produced by "For a-Zapad” trademark, that is situated in Ukraine, Lvov. BIZON and MIRKOM presses are produced in Poland. Press-extruders and granulators are produced on a specialized factory in PRC, Ningbo, the working experience of this factory is more than 7 years. The equipment’s deliveries are held under control of our engineer in China taking into account all raw materials and climate changes. We have patented useful models and operation principle of our equipment. Patents are protected by acting international legislation.

QUESTION:  Do you maintain aftersales service of the equipment? 

ANSWER :  Yes, aftersales service is performed by us. The guarantee on all our equipment is 12 months. Spare parts are delivered from the warehouse in Smolensk.

QUESTION :   Is there a difference in the production technolofy of fuel bricks from wood waste and for example from corn waste? 

ANSWER :  No, there is no difference. Fuel bricks are produced by unique technology. For all the material types one and the same method is used, it’s either extruder pressing by high temperatures or hydraulic metghod pressing. Raw materials that cannot be pressed on extruders can usually be bricked on hydraulic or stroking oress but the cost of these presses is much higher.

QUESTION :  How much does the plellets or bricks production line cost?

ANSWER :   There is no single answer for this question as there do not exist any typical production lines. The price depends on the number of necessary equipment, production volumes as well as on your "raw material” possibilities. The choice of the material type that you are planning tow work with is also an important factor. More detailed information on raw materials can be viewed on our website in the "Technology” section. In "Business Plan” section we have given the typical examples of turn-key production.

QUESTION :  Where can I see the business plan example of the production?

ANSWER :   On the main page of our website in the left column there is "Business Plan” section”. In this section you can see the approximate calculation of the production cost. But it should be remembered that this is just an example. The coat of the production depends on the number of necessary equipment, production volumes, raw material costs and others. The typical examples of production lines can be found in "Business Plan” section.

QUESTION :  Do you buy fuel bricks and by what price?

ANSWER :  Yes, we do. Prices and conditions of purchases depend on prices on European market that is why they are discussed individually. We are also ready to help you sign direct export contracts with buyers from Western Europe.

QUESTION :  Is there a possibility to have a look on your acting production of fuel bricks and pellets?

ANSWER :  yes, such a possibility exists. In every region of Ukraine, in Moldova, Belarus, and many cities of Russia (Stavropol, Voronezh, Krasnodar, Kurgan, Vladimir, Tver, Ulyanovsk, Pyatigorsk, Ulan-Ude and others) there are productions on the base of our equipment. You can visit any of them, primarily agreed it with the owners.

In our office you can get video-materials. To do this, please sent us an application using the "Contacts: section on our website. You can always visit our factory and demonstrativeproductions in Lviv, Ukraine.

QUESTION :  Can I buy the equipment on loan/on lease?

ANSWER:  Yes, you can. More detailed information can be found in the "Loan/Leasing” section.

Besides, on our customer’s wish, we are ready to discuss the conditions of cooperation with other leasing companies.