Stationary chopping machine disk type, RM-800.4 model is aimed at grinding woodwork waste: lath, slabs, batter boards, sawmills waste, wood, stubs, round timber into technological woodchip.

Woodchip use: production of chipboards and  fiberboards, further processing into finer fraction for production of bricks, pellets as well as for burning in heating boilers.

 Technical characteristics

Power 30 kW
Disk diameter 795 mm
Number of knives 23 p
Disk rotation frequency 965 rpm
Productivity to 15 m3 year (3 knives) to 20 м3 year (2 knives)
Woodchip size 8-И8 mm (3 knives)
22*40 mm (2 knives)
Grinding material size

230 х 150 mm

Woodchip release height 2440 mm(+800-И500 mm)
Measurements:w l h 1250x2426x2063 mm
Weight 925 kg